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Tutorial - How to Find Duplicate Files?

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Free Duplicates Finder is a simple, but effective tool to find exact duplicate files on your computer and compares the files based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. Moreover, the scanned files with same contents, same name & zero size can be sorted by the name and size, copied and deleted according to your demands.

Step 1. Scan Drivers

Launch Free Duplicates Finder. Click the disk you want to search for the duplicate files. If you only want to search a certain folder, navigate to it and single click the folder to select it. Click the "Scan Drive" button in the top left corner of the window, and it will start scanning your computer for existed files and folders.

Scan Drivers
Depending what search criteria you chose, this process takes a few seconds to complete. When it is finished, it will list all the files and folders in the graphical form with sizes and color bars displayed. Click "Delete..." to delete the single file. Click "Send Email..." to send the detailed info of selected files and folders. You can change the color of the bar through "Options". For detail info, please check (How to Set Search Option?). Click "Run..." to directly open the file or folder.

More Options for Scanned Files/Folders

Step 2. Find Duplicate Files

Click "Find Duplicates..." to activate the "Duplicates" window where all the files are listed with related info like name, size, modified date and so on. Choose the files you think they may be duplicate files and click "CheckSums" to make sure that it finds the duplicate files that exactly match. If their checksums match, they are duplicate files.

Find Duplicate Files

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